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What makes a personality?
 I think we can see what a person is worth through his attitude towards others. The most important human quality is kindness. If a person does not care about other people, all his other qualities - courage, will-power, responsibility, being a hard worker are worthless.

 What do we judge a person by? We can judge a person by appearance, by words and by his deeds. "Actions speak louder than words," says the proverb. People can say many things, because talking is easy. It is very important to be firm in character, to develop confidence in oneself, to be ready to overcome difficulties and to have enough courage and will-power to stand up to difficulties.

 The process of moulding personality is rather long. It starts in our childhood. Parents can`t remain indifferent to their children. They feel anxious about their future, they try to give them a proper education, love and attention so they could become strong personalities.

 A real personality should be well educated, intelligent, have deep and broad knowledge in different spheres of our life. A person should be devoted to his occupation, be ambitious and live his life decently. If someone hurts you, try to be calm and find out the reason of his/her behaviour.

Answer the questions:
-How would you describe yourself? Do you know what other people think about you? How do you behave if you are not sure you are right?

-How do you understand the following saying? -" When you are good to others, you are best to yourself."
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