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My school

   My school is a three-storey building. It is quite big with a sport ground in front of it.

  The school was built about fifteen years ago. On the ground floor there are the classrooms of English, Art, workshops. There are all kinds of tools and machines in the workshops. The boys of our school have a woodwork room too. There is a room for manual works for girls. Teachers teach them how to cook, sew and design clothes.

   On the ground floor there is a big nice assemble hall. A lot of meetings, concerts, festivals are held there.

   If you enter the school and turn left you can see a big light cafeteria. It is always busy and noisy, but it is clean. Here pupils and their teachers have their lunch. There are blue curtains on the windows and beautiful pictures on the walls.

   There is a gym on the second floor. Our PE lessons are held there. Pupils like to go there even after the lessons, because it has a lot of sport equipment.

   Our school has many classrooms.The classrooms in our school are large, light and well-equipped. There are three large windows in each class­room. Each room has a teacher's table, pupils desks, blackboard, tables and charts on the wall, maps and portraits, a computer and an interactive board.

  There are special classrooms for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, English, and Russian.

  On the third floor there is a library. Our school library is nice and clean. The librarian helps pupils to find books they need. There are many bookcases and bookshelves with a lot of books there.

   Our classroom is on the second floor. Its windows face the school-yard. Our form-misteress is a teacher of Russian language and literature. We respect her very much, she is a kind and knowledgeable teacher. She teaches us Russian and is so fond of her subject, that each of us cannot help liking too.

  Lessons in our school begin at 8.00 in the morning and last till 13.50 in the afternoon. We have in general six lessons a day.

   When I think of my school I don't remember its walls and desks; it is my teachers and school-mates who will be always with me. I am so thankful to our teachers for what they have done for us.

   I like my school and friends I have there, that's why I don't mind going to school every day.

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