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The coolest hotel in the world
   Can you imagine a hotel that is entirely made of ice? Well, it exists in Sweden, but only in winter. In spring, the hotel melts away and disappears into the river. The Ice Hotel is situated on the shores of the Torne River in the old village Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.

   Every winter, work starts on building a new Ice Hotel, involving 40, 000 tons of ice and snow. 10,000 tons of ice is taken from the Torne River, and 30,000 tons of snow is provided by Mother Nature.

   The first Ice Hotel was constructed in 1990. It started as a single room - now it has 64 rooms, as well as an Ice Chapel, an art gallery, a cinema, a theatre and an Absolut Ice Bar.
Outside, the temperature is around -30C, but inside the Hotel, the temperature is always around -5C. All the furniture is made of ice, including the beds, but nobody gets cold. The beds are covered with reideer skins and guests are given warm clothes and special arctic sleeping bags. In the Absolut Ice Bar, the drinks are served in dlasses made of ice, so there is no need for ice cubes!

   Every year the interior of the hotel is designed by different artists from all over the world. It is described by visitors as "absolutely stunning", "one of the most beautiful places they have ever seen" and "unique".

   The winter season 2011/2012 will be the twentysecond in order for ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. An over twenty-year journey from an Igloo of 60 square meters to the world's largest hotel of ice and snow at about 5500 square meters.

   If you are interested in this information, you can visit the official site here


Источник: http://www.icehotel.com/uk/ICEHOTEL/About-ICEHOTEL/
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