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Classroom language
Things you might say to your teacher

How do you say these expressions in your language?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand.
What does "chair” mean?
How do you say "X” in English?
How do you spell that?
Is this correct?
What is the past of "go” ?
How do you pronounce this word?
What exactly do we have to do?
Thank you that was a very interesting lesson.

Things your teacher might say to you

Open your book at page 25
Answer the questions
Write the answers
Work alone / in pairs / in groups
Ask your partner these questions ...
Answer your partner’s questions ...
Listen and repeat … again …
Make the question
Listen to the tape to answer these questions
Copy this into your notebooks
The homework is ...exercise 5, page 11
Well done!

Источник: http://www.churchillhouse.co.uk
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