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Тренировочные упражнения перед написанием личного письма (3)
Exercise 3.  

You have decided to hold a party at your house on New Year's Eve. Write a letter to a   friend who lives in another town, inviting him/her to your party and telling him/her what you have planned for the occasion. (80-100 words)

1    What style would you use for this letter?

2    Who is going to read it?

3    Why are you writing the letter?

4    Which two points below are main topics that you might include in your letter?
.... the reason you are writing
.... why you haven't held a party before
.... a description of your house
.... plans and preparations for the party
.... how much money you will spend on  food and drink ....
….recent changes in your town

5.  If you were holding a party, what plans/preparations would you make? Use these headings to help you.
• food & drink
• guests
• decorations

6.     Read the letter and label the paragraphs with the headings.
• closing remarks    • reason for writing    • details about the event

Dear Vic,
Hi - how are you? What are you doing this  New Year's Eve? Jean and I have decided to hold a party at home this year, and we'd love it if you  and Monica could come.

We're planning quite a small party with our old  schoolfriends, so you'll know all of the guests. There'll be lots to eat and drink, of course. We've decided to give the party a Mexican theme, and we thought that a variety of Mexican dishes would be perfect, since all of our friends love spicy food. Jean's already started planning the menu, making decorations and so on.

You'll probably be coming by train, won't you? Just give us a ring from the station when you arrive, and I'll come and pick you up. I expect the party will go on quite late, so of course you will need to stay the night. Don't worry, though -
there's plenty of room for both of you.

 Well, I really hope you can make it, Vic. Do try  and come - it seems ages since we last saw you  both! Please let me know as soon as possible if  you'll be able to join us.
Lots of love,

What is the main topic of each paragraph?

Paragraph 2
A plans and preparations for the party В the other guests who will be there С Mexican food and decorations
Paragraph 3
A the easiest way to get to Mark's house В specific arrangements for Vic and Monica С how long the party will last

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