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Стихи для физкультминуток
It’ s time to have a rest. Stand up, please!

Hands on your hips, hands on your knees,
Put them behind you if you please.
Touch your shoulders, touch your nose,
Touch your ears, touch your toes.
Raise your hands high in the air,
At your sides, on your hair.
Raise your hands as before
While your clap: one, two, three, four.

Listen to me and do what I ask you.

Your head is a ball. Roll your ball!
Hop on the left (right) foot!
Raise your hands!
Hands down!
Bend right ( left)!
Jump however you want!
You are in the forest. Pick up flowers and berries!
You can see the high mountain. Can you climb it?

I can see you are tired. Can you recite the poem and do exercises?

Hands on the head,
Hands on the hips,
Hands on the table,
Hands like this. (любое движение)
Hands on the shoulders,
Hands up and down,
Hands behind the head
And sit down!

Игра "Будь внимателен!"
Учитель произносит слово-команду, а выполняет другое движение. Ученики должны выполнить нужную команду.
Hands down! - Руки вниз!
Hands on hips! - Руки на бедра!
Sit down!  - Садись!
Stand up! - Встань!
Hands up! - Руки вверх!
Hands to the sides! - Руки в стороны!
Turn to the left! - Поворот налево!
Bend right! - Наклон вправо!
Stand still! - Стойте смирно!
Stop! - Стой!
Hands up! - Руки вверх!

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
 touch your nose.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
 touch your toes;
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
 touch the ground,
 Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
turn around.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
 turn around,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
 touch the ground,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
reach up high
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
wink one eye,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
 slap your knees,
 Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
sit down please.
  Will you stand up? Let's do some exercises.
Walk on the tiptoes.
(Идите на носочках.)
Walk like a cat.
(Идите, как кошка.)
Walk like a bear.
(Идите, как медведь.)
Your head is a ball. Roll your ball.
(Голова-это мячик. Покатайте мяч.)
Raise your hands.
(Поднимите руки.)
Hands down.
(Опустите руки.)
Bend right (left).
(Наклон вправо/влево.)
Put your hands on the shoulders (on your knees).
(Руки на плечи/на коление.)
You are in the forest. Pick up flowers and berries.
(Вы в лесу. Собирайте цветы и ягоды.)
Hop on two feet.
(Прыгайте на двух ногах.)
Five little gentlemen
Five little gentlemen
Going for a walk.
Five little gentlemen
Stop for a talk.
Along came five ladies
They stood all together
And they began to dance.
(5 пальчиков – джентельмены, 5 пальчиков – леди, они встречаются и начинают танцевать).
These are mother's forks and knives.
 (пальцы обеих рук скрещены)
  This is mother's table.
 (изображаем столик)
 This is mother's looking glass.
 (изображаем зеркальце и прихорашивающуюся маму)
 This is baby's cradle.
 (колыбелька для ребенка)
Will you stand up?
Let's rememberour poem about London and do exercises.
Up,down, up, down,
(Поднимаем руки вверх и вниз.)
Which is the way
to London town?
(Разводим руки в стороны.)
Where? Where?
Up in the air,
(Смотрим по сторонам.)
Close your eyes -
(Закрываем глаза.)
And you are there!
(Открываем глаза.)
Let’ s do exercises.

 Giraffes are tall, with necks so long.
(Stand on tip toes; raise arms high up into the air)
 Elephants' trunks are big and strong.
(Make trunk with a hand and an arm)
 Zebras have stripes and can gallop away,
 (Gallop around in a circle)
 While monkeys in the trees do sway.
(Sway back and forth)
 Old crocodile swims in a pool so deep,
 (Pretend to swim)
Turtles in the sun go to sleep.
 (Lay head on hands and close eyes)
Зарядка для глаз.
Look left, right
Look up, look down
Look around.
Look at your nose
Look at that rose
Close your eyes
Open, wink and smile.
Your eyes are happy again.

Eyes to the left.
Eyes to the right (2-3 раза)
Shut your eyes.
Open your eyes widely. (2-3 раза)
Look at your right hand.
Look at your left hand.
Shake your head (2-3 раза)

Источник: Дзюина Е.В. "Поурочные разработки по английскому языку: 5-6 классы" .
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