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Burgh Island
   Burgh Island (50°16′47″N, 3°54′01″W) is a small tidal island off the south coast of Devon in England near to the small seaside village of Bigbury on Sea. There are only two buildings of any significance on the island, the larger being the Art Deco Burgh Island Hotel, the smaller being a public house, The Pilchard.

   The sea tractor is used to ferry visitors to the island during high tide

   The island is approximately 270 yards (250 m) from the mainland at Bigbury-on-Sea and is approachable on foot at low tide. At high tide, the sea tractor, which is operated by the hotel, transports pedestrians back and forth.

   The original vehicle was constructed in 1930; the current, third generation tractor dates from 1969. The vehicle drives across the beach with its wheels underwater on the sandy bottom while its driver and passengers sit on a platform high above. Power from a Fordson tractor engine is relayed to the wheels via hydraulic motors.


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