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Happy Thanksgiving!
   Thanksgiving is a special day that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November every year in America. This day is to honor the first English pilgrims who came to the United States when they left their original country of England in search of a better life and the opportunity to be free from the King of England’s rule.

   First landing at Plymouth Rock, which is located on the east coast of the country in New England, the Pilgrims struggled with great difficulties to survive. Unfortunately for them, New England is not known for having the best weather.

   It was a long and hard winter for them. Local Native Americans that they had gotten to know, helped a great deal by showing the Pilgrims about corn (which they had never seen before) and how best to hunt and plant in the New England climate.

   The Pilgrims and the Native Americans, then knows as Indians, had a great celebration to honor their friendship and the bounty that they had hunted and reaped. Sadly, some time after this wonderful dinner, more and more people came into American and the Indian population was all but wiped out.

   Today, there Native American is a small minority of the United States and a most of them live on what is known as Indian Reservations. While it is a shame that an entire ethnic population was almost eradicated, people now celebrate Thanksgiving by spending the day with family and friends, to honor and appreciate having loved ones.

   The day revolves around the typical Thanksgiving dinner, which most often will include a Thanksgiving day turkey. Stuffing, squash, corn, bread, salad and yams are often served as well. In the United States this day is often infamous for being one in which people eat too much food and then complain of gaining weight.

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