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Teaching Materials for Valentine’s Day
11.02.2013, 23:46

Valentine's Day has been associated with love and affection. With a day that takes over many aspects of life, it seems only fitting to include it in your classroom.

Use Valentine's Day as a way of showing friendship and fondness in your classroom. Put up red and pink balloons, construction paper hearts, fresh or fake flowers. Create a festive mood in the room. Have students write things they love on paper hearts and stick them on the walls. Take a photo of your class either on Valentine's Day or prior to the event, and present them with a photograph of all of their friends.

Here are some resources you may use for celebrating this romantic holiday:

The site dedicated to St. Valentine's Day http://www.stvalentinesday.org/

Tips for including Valentine's Day celebrations in your classroom or homeschool curriculum
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Valentine Day SMS and Valentine Day Messages

Valentine's Day quiz
Valentine's Day Songs for Children
Words of Love - A Valentine's Vocabulary
Valentine's Day Worksheets
Valentine's Day crafts, printables, games, and more for your classroom
Valentine's Day song, flashcards, worksheets, games, and teaching ideas

Presentations and lesson plans

(Автор работы: Капранова Т.М. Разработка урока в 5 классе по теме "St Valentine`s Day" включает план-конспект урока, презентацию и раздаточный материал. Источник: http://metodisty.ru/m/files/view/St_Valentine-s_Day)

(Автор работы: Приходько О.В. План-конспект урока по теме "Holidays. St.Valentine's Day", для 11 класса. презентация и раздаточный материал. Источник: http://metodisty.ru/m/files/view/St-Valentine-s_Day)
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