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Тематические ресурсы

Countries, Traditions and Customs

The United Kingdom (Wikipedia)
All about Britain
All about the Royal Monarchy
Geography of the UK

      Australian Aboriginal Art
      The History of Australia at a Glance
BBC News Country Profile: Australia
    The World Factbook-Australia    
    The Education in Australia 

Russia (Wikipedia)
Geography of Russia
National symbols of Russia
Stereotypes and symbols of Russia

    United States (Wikipedia)
      Learn About the United States of America
    America's story
    Explore the States of America  
    USA Games
Global Warming                     
Water Pollution
Air Pollution
Weather Maze for elementary students
Game "Seasons and animals"

Inventors and Inventions
The History of Modern Inventions
Funny Inventions and Weird Crazy Inventions
Facts about Inventors and Inventions
Useful links

San Francisco Children's Museum of Science and Art
Science Net
American Museum of Natural History

        Student Exchange Programs

     Go Campus Academic Programs
     U.S. Programs
     Exchanges for University of Sydney Students

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
The Great Lighthouse at Alexandria
The Great Pyramyds of Giza
The Collosus of Rhodes
The Statue of Zeus at Olimpia
The Maussoleum at Halicarnassus

The Modern Wonders of the World
Channel Tunnel
Empire State Building (New York)
Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)
Natural Wonders of Earth
World Wonders
National Wonders

Manners make the man
Importance of good manners
Good Manners & Different Traditions

Money and Finance

Jobs and Career
Better Homes & Gardens Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Job Descriptions
Job Interview Questions
Job Smart : Career Guides

Health and Fitness
How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label
Sports Media : PE Links

Food and Drink

Family and Relationships

Beauty & Style (videos)

Art & Museums
English Painting
Online World Museums
National Museum of American Art
World Art Treasures
Metropolitan Musuem of Art (NY): Timeline of Art History
Skyscraper Page
Smithsonian American Art Museum: Classroom Activities
WorldImages Database
Yahoo Art List

Topics (устные темы)

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