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Приветствую Вас, Гость

   Learning English language can be a hobby, a mean for work, a subject for studying at school or university. But it is one of the most beautiful and interesting languages in the world. Knowledge of English helps to train our memory, to make a person educated, wellbred and wise. This is because you get to know different cultures, different national, social and historic facts.

 Learning languages stretches our minds. It is a good exercise for our intellect. It gives us a chance to get a better job and to visit different countries. To learn English you do not need to make a great effort.Do not be afraid and do not trust anyone who says that to learn and to know English is not realistic. Reading books, listening to the radio, watching movies in English, and most importantly, speaking is more than possible. And our task is to help you to achieve good results. Good luck!


Learning to learn! (Советы, памятки учащимся)






Topic-based materials

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